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,The Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry says products and technology identified would be discussed in detail with the Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry to ensure technologies introduced are suitable for focus localities and needs of a certain sector. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, June 28, 2022.

THE Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (Mosti) has 27 technological solutions that are ready to be widely applied to assist the country handle the food security issue in the short run.

Mosti in a statement today said the technological solutions are divided into several clusters, namely, seeds, bio-fertiliser, booster fertiliser, use of drones, testing, internet of things, aquaculture and livestock feed.

“All the technology solutions are the results of local research and development financed by the government,” said Mosti.

Among the technology solutions that could be introduced are automated fertigation system, vertical farming, aquaponics combined with artificial intelligence which is capable of operating in remote areas and reduce the cost of operation through Nano Light Energy Panel solar energy as a primary source of energy.

The usage of technology could also be applied in various types of greens based on the suitability of the area and market needs, it said.

Mosti said the internet of things and blockchain technology would also be harnessed with other technology solutions to accelerate the agro industry.

The use of *** art bio-fertilisers, nutrient absorption technology and soil conservation technology can also increase crop productivity where the technology is able to overcome the issue of rising fertiliser prices following limited supply of materials due to the global crisis, it said.

Through the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, Mosti said studies and data in the area also saw the capability of bio-fertiliser having the potential to reduce fertiliser cost by 50% and raise yield up to 8%.

“This will reduce the dependence on fertiliser and fertiliser subsidy could be reduced in stages,” said Mosti. 

The ministry said products and technology identified would be discussed in detail with the Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry to ensure technologies introduced are suitable to be implemented based on the locality and needs of a certain sector. 

“Mosti is confident that the technologies put forward are capable of giving effective impact in ensuring food supply security at a reasonable cost as well as reducing the total dependence on foreign labour,” said the ministry. – Bernama, June 28, 2022.

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