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KUALA LUMPUR: The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has rolled out new features and tools on the i-Invest web portal to improve user experience.

Various web features of i-Invest such as transactional functions, suitability asses *** ent, and useful information on approved unit trust funds, and fund management institutions (FMIs) offering them are now available in the i-Akaun mobile application, with additional features to be added in the coming months, the retirement fund said in a statement.

"In an effort to help members make more informed decisions, the EPF has introduced the Historical Investment Performance Dashboard to enable members to *** yse investment performance returns across various time horizons.

"This new feature, which is the first of its kind in the domestic fund management industry, provides a display of investment returns based on three key categories to enable comparisons to be made at the fund level, FMI level, and overall portfolio level,” it said.

The EPF has also introduced an investment simulator as a tool to help members assess investment decisions based on five key parameters.

Investment objectives can now be simulated based on a member’s choice of initial investment amount, monthly investment amount, investment period, rate of return, or ending investment value.

The enhanced i-Invest portal has also incorporated Lipper-assigned benchmarks for members to compare against the unit trust funds’ performances.

The i-Invest portal, which was launched in August 2019, offers a wide range of functions, flexibility, and convenience for members to conduct investment decisions, as well as monitor their investments at any time and from anywhere.

Through this facility, members can compare between unit trust funds offered by FMIs and obtain a consolidated view of their investment holdings, information on investment costs, fund performance history, as well as statutory information related to the FMIs.

The EPF continues to ensure that the portal is improved from time to time for the benefit of its members and invites feedback on the i-Invest portal via the link - Bernama

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